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Bath Bomb Market

Published Date : Jun 2024 | Forecast Year : 2019

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Bath Bomb Market Size, Share & Trends Cover Analysis By Product Type (Organic Bath Bombs, Synthetic Bath Bombs, CBD Bath Bombs, Custom Bath Bombs), By Product Application (Household, Commercial, Spas, Hotels, Beauty Salons) Growth, Regional Outlook, and Forecast 2024 – 2032

Report ID: AG931

Published : Jun 2024

Pages : 155

Category : Consumer Goods

Format : Bath Bomb Market

MARKET SIZE (2032)USD 30.41 Million
MARKET SIZE (2023)USD 11.20 Million
CAGR (2023-2029)6.9%
BY TYPEOrganic Bath Bombs
Synthetic Bath Bombs
CBD Bath Bombs
Custom Bath Bombs
Beauty Salons
GEOGRAPHIC ANALYSISNorth America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
KEY PLAYERSLush Cosmetics, Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop, Da Bomb Bath Fizzers, Pearl Bath Bombs, LifeAround2Angels, Rejuvelle, Village Naturals Therapy, Kush Queen, Hugo Naturals, Vitabath, Level Naturals, The Bonbon Factory, Musee Bath, Two Sisters Spa.


The bath bomb market has grown significantly due to consumers' growing interest in self-care and wellness. Bath bombs, which are effervescent soluble bath products, usually contain essential oils, fragrances and dyes that provide a luxurious and therapeutic bathing experience. Behind their popularity is the growing trend to use natural and organic personal care products as consumers look for products that do not contain harsh chemicals. Major players in the market include Lush, Pearl Bath Bombs and Da Bomb. 

Bath Bomb Market is anticipated to cover a value of USD 11.20 Million in 2023 to a valuation of USD 30.41 Million by 2032, CAGR of 6.9% from 2024 to 2032.

The market is also characterized by a wide range of product offerings, including CBD-infused, sparkling and themed bath bombs. In addition, the growing presence of e-commerce platforms facilitated access to a wider range of products and contributed to market expansion. Innovations and eco-friendly packaging options are expected to boost the growth of the bath bombs market.


The growth of the market is due to the increasing demand for bath bombs for home and commercial applications across the globe. The report provides an overview of the lucrative opportunities in the bath bomb market at the country level. The report also includes precise costs, segments, trends, region and business development of key players worldwide for the forecast period.

The Bath Bomb Market report represents the collected information about the industry or the market of different industries. The report considers various factors such as product price, product or service penetration at both country and regional levels, country GDP, market dynamics of parent market and submarket, end application industry, key players, consumer buying behavior, economic situation. Political, social scenarios of countries and many others. The report is divided into various segments to provide a detailed analysis of the market from all possible aspects.

The overall report focuses on key sections such as – market segments, market outlook, competitive landscape and company profiles. Segments provide details on various aspects such as end-use industry, product or service types, and any other relevant segmentation as per the current market scenario, covering various aspects for conducting downstream marketing activities. The market outlook section includes a detailed analysis of market developments, growth drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges, Porter's 5 Force framework, macroeconomic analysis, value chain analysis and pricing analysis that directly affect the market currently and during the forecast period. Drivers and constraints cover the internal factors of the market, while opportunities and challenges cover the external factors that affect the market. The market outlook section also provides an overview of trends that affect the development of new companies and investment opportunities.

Bath Bomb Market

Size, by Product, - (USD Billion)

Organic Bath Bombs

Synthetic Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs

Custom Bath Bombs

Other Products

18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

The Market will Grow

At the CAGR of:


The Forecast Market

Size for in USD:

$30.41 Million B


Research Methodology:

The qualitative and quantitative data of the Bath Bomb Market is prepared through various research considerations such as subject matter expert advice, primary and secondary research. Primary research leverages valuable information from face-to-face and/or telephonic interviews and surveys, questionnaires, industry expert opinion, KOLs, customers, and others. Primary interviews are conducted regularly with industry experts to create in-depth expert information on the market and to substantiate the existing analysis of the data.

Secondary research done by team through various sources such as,

  • Company websites, annual reports, financial reports, investor presentations and SEC filings

  • Internal and external proprietary databases, relevant patent, and regulatory databases

  • National government documents, statistical databases, and market reports

  • News articles, press releases and web-casts specific to the companies operating in the market

  • Paid database

Key Players:

  • Lush Cosmetics

  • Bath & Body Works

  • The Body Shop

  • Da Bomb Bath Fizzers

  • Pearl Bath Bombs

  • LifeAround2Angels

  • Rejuvelle

  • Village Naturals Therapy

  • Kush Queen

  • Hugo Naturals

  • Vitabath

  • Level Naturals

  • The Bonbon Factory

  • Musee Bath

  • Two Sisters Spa

Bath Bomb Market

Share, by end user, (USD Billion)

Analytica Global 11.20 Million %





Other End-Users


30.41 Million

Total Market Size

USD (Billion),




Market Segmentation:

By Type

  • Organic Bath Bombs

  • Synthetic Bath Bombs

  • CBD Bath Bombs

  • Custom Bath Bombs

By Application

  • Household

  • Commercial

  • Spas

  • Hotels

  • Beauty Salons

By Region

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

  • Latin America

  • Middle East & Africa

Market Opportunities:

  • Natural and Organic Products Growing Consumer Demand: Natural and organic personal care products are becoming a growing trend. Consumers are increasingly looking for bath bombs made with natural ingredients and free of harmful chemicals. Developing eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging solutions can appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

  • Personalization and Customization Custom Scent and Color Options: Customizable bath bombs, where customers can choose their preferred scents, colors and ingredients, can enhance the user experience. Creating custom gift sets for occasions like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries can appeal to gift buyers.

  • Innovative Product Features CBD and Essential Oils: The addition of ingredients such as CBD and essential oils can enter the health market and provide therapeutic benefits in addition to relaxation. Designing bath bombs with unique shapes and themes (such as seasonal, holiday or pop culture themes) can appeal to a wider audience, especially younger consumers. 

  • Market Segmentation Targeting Specific Demographic Groups: Creating bath bombs for men, children or older consumers can expand the reach of the market. Products can be customized according to the preferences and needs of these groups. Developing premium luxury bath bombs with premium ingredients can serve consumers who are willing to pay more for self-care products.

  • Expanding E-Commerce Online Sales Channels: Expanding online sales channels, including partnering with major e-commerce platforms and leveraging social media to sell directly to consumers, can significantly increase market share. Offering bath bomb subscription boxes can ensure a steady stream of revenue and increase customer loyalty.

  • Collaborations and Partnerships Brand Collaboration: Partnering with popular brands, influencers or celebrities can increase visibility and attract a wider audience. Partnering with spas, hotels and resorts to offer bath bombs as part of their amenities can open up new B2B opportunities. 

  • International Market Expansion Emerging Markets: Expanding into emerging markets, where the demand for personal care products is increasing, can provide significant growth opportunities. Adapting products to the cultural preferences and regulatory requirements of various regions can facilitate international expansion.

  • Health and Wellness Trends Functional Benefits: By developing bath bombs that enhance health benefits such as muscle relaxation, skin nourishment or aromatherapy effects, health-conscious consumers can be served. Marketing bath bombs as part of a mental wellness routine, emphasizing their role in stress relief and relaxation, may resonate with consumers looking for holistic health solutions.

  • Retail Partnerships Department Stores and Specialty Stores: Partnering with department stores and specialty beauty stores can increase product visibility and accessibility. Partnering with boutique stores and local stores can capitalize on the growing trend to support small and local businesses.

Bath Bomb Market

Size, by Product, - (USD Billion)


The Market will Grow

At the CAGR of:


The Forecast Market

Size for in USD:

$30.41 Million B


Market Restraints:

  • Regulatory Compliance and Safety Considerations: Strict Regulations: Bath bombs have different regulations, especially when it comes to the use of ingredients. Complying with these regulations can be difficult and expensive for manufacturers. some bath bombs may cause allergic reactions or skin irritation in certain individuals, leading to potential liability issues and increased scrutiny by health authorities.

  • High Competition and Market Saturation: The market is highly competitive with many established and emerging brands offering similar products. Such saturation can lead to price wars and reduced profit margins. Consumers can show strong loyalty to certain brands, making it difficult for new entrants to gain a foothold in the market.

  • Supply Chain and Raw Material Costs: Availability and price of quality raw materials such as essential oils, natural dyes and other organic ingredients can vary, affecting production costs. Global supply chain issues such as delivery delays or shortages of critical ingredients can prevent consistent production and timely delivery of bath bombs.

  • Environmental and Sustainability Issues: Many bath bombs are packaged in plastic, which causes environmental problems. Consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions, which forces manufacturers to innovate. Some bath bombs may contain microplastics or other chemicals that can harm aquatic ecosystems, leading to negative public opinion and possible regulatory action.

  • Economic Factors: During a recession or recession, consumers may cut back on non-essential luxuries like bath bombs, which affects market demand. Bath bombs are often considered luxury or indulgence products, making them vulnerable to reduced consumption during times of economic uncertainty.

  • Consumer Preferences and Trends: Consumer preferences for personal care and beauty can change rapidly. Keeping up with changing trends and consumer demands requires constant innovation and adaptation. The growing trend of DIY bath bombs and other personal care products allows consumers to make their own bath bombs at home, which can reduce market demand.

  • Marketing and Distribution Challenges: Successful marketing of bath bombs requires significant investment in advertising, influencer partnerships and social media campaigns. Smaller companies can compete with bigger brands with bigger marketing budgets.

  • Distribution Network: Building and maintaining an effective distribution network can be difficult, especially for new or smaller businesses trying to reach a wider audience.

Bath Bomb Market TO (USD BN)

Bath Bomb Market



Bath Bomb Market

Analytica Global 30.41 Million %

Recent Development:

May 4, 2023 All ball bath soap products have a hard texture that will disintegrate when placed in warm water. Using a Pearl bath bombs provides color and aroma that lifts your mood and keeps your skin healthy. 


The bath bomb market has grown significantly as consumers increasingly prefer self-care and wellness products. Factors such as increase in disposable income, awareness of skin care benefits and influence of social media trends have led to market expansion. Major players continue to innovate with natural and organic ingredients that appeal to health-conscious consumers. The market is also benefiting from the popularity of bath bombs for special occasions. However, competition is fierce and market participants must focus on differentiating their products through unique formulations, sustainable packaging and personal experiences. Overall, the bath bomb market is poised for continued growth, fueled by consumer preferences and innovative product offerings.


Bath Bomb Market - Global Outlook & Forecast 2024-2029

Analytica Global
Analytica Global
Analytica Global
Analytica Global
Analytica Global
Analytica Global
Analytica Global
Analytica Global
Analytica Global
Analytica Global
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